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The ACOS Alliance is committed to facilitate access and create practical  resources that enable newsrooms and freelancers to meet basic safety standards outlined in the Principles. You can access here resources developed by the Alliance and its signatories.

News Organizations Safety Self-Assessment

The News Organizations Safety Self-Assessment provides a tool for news outlets to review and improve their current safety practices and protocols. It should help news organizations to identify and better understand their own weaknesses and strengths in relation to the security of all individuals working for them exposed to danger, including freelancers. 

The Self-Assessment should prompt a constructive conversation around best practices and encourage practical and effective ways to advance these internally. The suggested Self-Assessment is a template and can be modified and adapted according to the nature of the news organization. It can also be used to inform mechanisms already in place.

This resource is a collaboration between the ACOS Alliance, the Committee to Protect Journalists, Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma, Free Press Unlimited, Frontline Freelance Register, International Federation of Journalists, International News Safety Institute, International Media Support, International Press Institute, International Women's Media Foundation, Reporters Without Borders and World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers. These organizations recognize the crucial role that news managers, publishers, executive directors and editors play in advancing a culture of safety and have come together in partnership to create and promote this useful resource.

Download the News Organizations Safety Self-Assessment,

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in Russian:

The document will be available shortly in Arabic. These translations have been made possible by the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Freelance Journalist Safety Checklist

The ACOS Alliance strives to empower both news organizations and freelance journalists to embed the highest safety standards into their work. To enable editors and journalists to ensure they have considered the relevant concerns before an assignment, we have prepared the following checklist with the help of industry professionals and freelancers.

Prior to an assignment, we suggest editors and freelancers run through the list to make sure the most pressing safety concerns have been considered.

Download the Checklist:


Resources from ACOS signatories


The organizations listed on this page have all pledged their support to the protection of journalists that voluntarily put themselves in harm's way to report the news, each offering a variety of different safety resources for journalists and their families to utilize.