Following the storming of the US Capitol Building in Washington DC on 6th January 2021, ACOS partners released their own safety advisories, webinars and resources for journalists and editors planning to cover Joe Biden's inauguration and any associated civil unrest across the country.


Covering everything from risk assessment and planning to situational awareness and on-the-ground tactics, this resource provides valuable information and guidance for any protest situation. 

Safety Advisory - Committee To Protect Journalists (CPJ) 

Includes information and advice on Digital safety and planning, physical safety, including equipment and clothing; situational awareness with regard to authoriities and protestors; on the ground positioning and how to deal with tear gas. Also included is advice on COVID-19 transmission. 

Webinar - International Womens Media Foundation (IWMF)
'Strategies for Safely Covering Civil Unrest' 

This video webinar, led by Jeff Belzil, IWMF's Director of Security, and Corinne Chin, staff journalist at the Seattle Times, prepares journalists to cover civil unrest in the United States and how to best report safely with police and political extremist presences. The presenters covered the general tactics used by extremist groups, PPE and police crowd tactics. Maria Alejandra Silva Ortega from the International Women’s Media Foundation moderated the discussion.

Safety Checklist for Editors - HP Risk Management

HP Risk Management compiled this safety checklist to help commissioners and editors consider the risks that journalists and other media workers may be exposed to, as they cover political gatherings, demonstrations, protests and/or rallies in the build up to the Presidential inauguration. It includes HP Risk Management’s COVID-19 Checklist published on 08 April 2020, which also provides useful information and guidance about minimising the risks from Coronavirus while on assignment

Workshop: Covering Street Protests and Civil Unrest 

Recorded in October 2020 and led by Judith Matloff, a veteran reporter and the Dart Center's senior safety advisor, this 90 minute workshop covers risk assessment and situational awareness as well as practical strategies and tactics for preparing to cover civil disturbances. Topics include protective gear, positioning in a crowd, how to deal with tear gas, rubber bullets and other riot and crowd control tactics.

Webinar: Navigating the New Safety Landscape - ACOS Alliance

Our own webinar ‘Navigating the New Safety Landscape’ includes a discussion with our panel of freelancers and editors on the safety aspects of covering protests and how they prepared for and responded to the related dangers, threats and pressures. Moderated by David Rohde of the New Yorker, the webinar features freelance photojournalist Vanessa Charlot; Beth Flynn, Deputy Picture Editor at The New York Times; Guillermo Galdós, freelance filmmaker and Latin America Correspondent for Channel 4 News; and Mike Shum, Freelance Journalist and Filmmaker.