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Developed by the Alliance and key ACOS signatories, this practical tool enables news outlets to review and improve their current safety practices and protocols.  It also helps news managers to identify and better understand their own weaknesses and strengths when it comes to the security of individuals who are working for them, including freelancers. 

The Self-Assessment is designed to prompt a constructive conversation around safety best practice and encourage practical and effective responses. It can be modified and adapted according to the size and set-up of individual organizations and can also be used to inform existing mechanisms. 

Download in English 

news organizations safety self-assessment

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Assignment Safety Checklist 

Our Assignment Safety Checklists helps freelance journalists and the editors they work with ensure they have considered all the relevant safety concerns before a story commission or assignment. 
It's a practical tool, produced in conjunction with industry safety professionals and freelancers and designed to be worked through as part of story or assignment preparation. 



Committee to Protect Journalists
Safety Advisories

Practical safety guides for journalists produced in response to specific global situations such as country elections, conflicts, protests, etc.  

Safety Kit

This four-part Safety Kit provides journalists and newsrooms with basic safety information on physical, digital and psychological safety resources and tools via written resources, webinars, shareable notes and videos. 

Basic Preparedness: Risk Assessment

CPJ Emergencies' Risk Assessment Template - available in English, Français, Español, Русский, 中文, and العربية.

PPE Guide 

A useful PDF guide to Personal Protective Equipment 

Rory Peck Trust


The Rory Peck Trust has the following practical templates to help freelancers put together a solid safety risk assessment. Part of of a range of online resources for freelancers. 

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) & UNESCO
Safety Guide for Journalists

A handbook for reporters in high risk environments. 

Also available in Français, Español, Русский and العربية from UNESCO's Digital Library.

Doc Society
Safe + Secure

Doc Society launched this resource as a result of increased awareness about the risks to which documentary filmmakers and their crews, subjects and sources had become exposed to safety risks. It contains tools for both filmmakers and funders to help mitigate risks, be they digital, legal, journalistic, or related to safety and health. 

Available in English, Español + Português

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