Freelance journalists should always be adequately insured for an assignment or story and we encourage all freelancers, local journalists and commissioning editors to be informed about different insurance schemes so that they can compare policies and find cover that is the most suited to their needs.  

Always read and review the terms and conditions of different policies to be sure you are adequately covered. Some policies will be subject to exceptions and exclusions and you may be asked to disclose health conditions or other personal history to qualify for cover.

Some of the schemes listed below offer an ACOS discount.  Please note we do not receive any financial consideration or benefit from any scheme listed in this resource and take no responsibility for their performance or the actions or omissions of any person or organization related to these insurance programs.

An insurance cover specific to journalists and other members of the media. It covers journalists travelling to any country in the world and includes conflict zones, embeds and travel in a military vehicle or helicopter. 


Cover is available by the week and includes:

  1. Accidental death and disablement (in own and outside country, in the zones selected)

  2. Sickness and accident medical expenses subject to a $250 or €250 excess per claim, and emergency medical evacuation from the point of an incident to an appropriate care facility and repatriation home when necessary (outside country, in the zones selected)

Cover can purchased outside country of your country of residence and extended cover can be purchased whilst on an assignment if required, including if travel to a higher risk rated zone.


Freelance journalists and ACOS Alliance signatory organizations can benefit from a 7.5% discount.

This insurance cover allows news organizations, media production companies, commissioning NGOs and individual journalists to ensure locally hired journalists, producers, translators, drivers and other media workers at a reasonable daily rate. It covers individuals from any nationality, anywhere in the world including those working in their country of residence.


Coverage can be purchased by the day and includes: accidental death, accident medical expenses (subject to a $250 excess), emergency accident medical evacuation from point of an incident to an appropriate care facility and repatriation home where necessary.

ACOS signatory organizations can benefit from a 7.5% discount: Access Discount Code.

Reporters Without Borders has offered insurance programs to their members since 2009, benefiting hundred of journalists. RSF is negotiating a new insurance plan to be launched in November 2020, and currently is not offering any insurance scheme. 

Note: This insurance is currently on hold until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The International Federation of Journalists' partnership with Battleface offers all of IFJ's member journalists a range of insurance cover, on-the-ground emergency support and equipment cover – including in the world’s most challenging environments.


This special scheme is only available to IFJ members. Holders of IFJ's International Press Card enjoy an exclusive discount too!

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