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Freelancers invited to apply for VICE Media in-house training spots

VICE Media is offering free spots for freelancers on two NYC safety training courses in September and October.

These 3-day HEFAT courses cover essential safety aspects for field journalists, such as:

  • situational awareness

  • first aid techniques kit and techniques

  • identity & gender dynamics

  • safety awareness, stress recognition & resiliency tactics

  • risk assessment & operational planning for high risk activities

  • info-sec planning & awareness, authority management & de-escalation

  • protests/riots/hostile crowds, reaction to an incident

  • field & protective kit training

  • natural disaster awareness.

This opportunity is open to all freelance journalists, photojournalists or documentary makers. Selected applicants will participate alongside VICE Media staff journalists and editors.

The dates for the 3-day courses are:

  • September 28-30th

  • October 5-7th

Please note to be eligible for this opportunity you must have full Covid-19 vaccination.


*Please note this opportunity is now closed*


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