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Every year the ACOS Virtual Safety Coordination Meeting brings together signatory and partner organisations, freelancers and local journalists to advance cross-industry dialogue, collaboration, knowledge share and best practice around journalist safety.


This year's meeting convened 88 organisations and 150 individuals from 25 countries across three days of virtual meetings and events. Sessions were dedicated to trauma and psychological safety, global safety training initiatives, the urgent safety needs of freelance investigative journalists, and crisis, safety and responsibility in Afghanistan, Haiti and Myanmar. 


Key findings and recommendations from the meeting will be brought to the ACOS board and shared among participating partners, with the aim of developing practical, collaborative responses to the issues raised. 



2021 shone an intense spotlight on the safety of journalists living and working in Afghanistan, Haiti and Myanmar, with large numbers forced into exile and hiding because of their reporting. What is the reality for journalists who continue to report from their home country? What more can be done to support their safety? And how can editors continue to get stories out whilst ensuring the safety of local journalists and contributors. 

David Rohde,
Executive Editor for News, The New Yorker


Aye Min Thant, Features Editor, Frontier Myanmar

Najiba Noori, Video Journalist

Ralph Thomassaint Joseph, Director of Publication, Ayibopost

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