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Watch ACOS Safety Events @ IJF24

For the third year running, the ACOS Alliance delivered a series of safety events at April's International Journalism Festival in Perugia in collaboration with signatories and partners. The festival has grown to become Europe's largest media event, bringing together journalists, editors, media and tech organizations, funders, NGOs and students from all over the world across five days of discussions and events.

Practical Safety Guidance

This year, at the festival's Hotel La Rosetta, ACOS hosted 30 tailored, one to one Safety Clinics for journalists and editors, matching each participant with a safety advisor specific to their needs. Organised in partnership with Committee to Protect Journalists, the Rory Peck Trust and with the participation of safety experts from leading media and journalism safety organizations (listed at the bottom of his page), the clinics covered all aspects of safety from risk assessment and assignment preparation, to digital security and surveillance, online harassment, legal safety, mental health, and guidance around newsroom safety protocols and practices.

Psychological Safety 101: A Workshop for Journalists and Editors

On Saturday 20 April a full room of journalists and editors strengthened their mental health resilience in our Psychological Safety Workshop led by NYU's Lauren Walsh and Juliana Ruhfus and Gavin Rees from Dart Center Europe. This very practical workshop - the first of its kind to run at the festival - provided participants with a range of tools to strengthen their psychological safety and build resilience, including useful tips for understanding and talking about emotional wellbeing, and evidence-based strategies for self-care when exposed to traumatic stress, graphic content, situations of anxiety or burnout, or in preparation for potentially difficult assignments.

Watch our safety panels

Our two panels focused on 1) the fundamentals of safety preparation, and 2) the ways in which three very different newsrooms - The Texas Tribune, El Confidencial and Bellingcat - have been working to support the psychological safety and well-being of their journalists and editors, and how this has impacted on their journalism - for the better. You can watch them both here:

Newsrooms Putting Journalists' Well-being First


Carlos Fernando Chamorro, Founder & Director, Confidencial

Charlotte Higgins, Social Media Editor, Bellingcat

Pu Ying Huang, Director of Photography, Texas Tribune


Maria Salazar Ferro, Director, Newsroom Safety and Resilience, The New York Times


Safety Fundamentals for Journalists and Editors


Laura Silvia Battaglia Al-Jalal, Freelance journalist

Chris Lawton, Co-founder and Director Silk Road Training

Alexander Papachristou, Executive Director, Cyrus R. Vance Center for International Justice

Maria Salazar Ferro, Director Newsroom Safety and Resilience, The New York Times


Elisabet Cantenys, Executive Director, ACOS Alliance


The IJF24 safety clinics were run in partnership with:

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