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We convene working groups and coordination meetings to tackle the most pressing safety challenges. The ACOS Annual Safety Coordination Meeting has been instrumental in fostering cross-industry dialogue and best practice around freelance safety issues. Our Safety Mapping Project is helping press freedom NGO’s gain a more detailed understanding of the global safety training landscape, identifying gaps and facilitating greater collaboration.


ACOS plays a leading role in journalist safety training, using its collective influence to improve the range and quality of training available to freelancers and news editors and working together to open up safety training opportunities to the under-resourced.

  • We partner with news organisations, training providers, journalist festivals and NGOs to support and facilitate safety training courses, workshops and clinics that respond to specific safety challenges and needs 

  • We collaborate with leading news organizations safety advisers and trainers to develop safety courses and curricula, such as the pioneering Editors Safety Workshops 

  • We raise the quality of safety training and build global consensus around best practice through joint initiatives such as the Industry Standard for Safety Training. 


We leverage our collective expertise to provide essential safety guidance to under-resourced journalists and newsrooms. This includes the creation of multilingual online resources, such as contract negotiation guidance and templates for freelancers, a trauma tool kit for editors and news managers, a news organizations safety self-assessment and ground-breaking insurance solutions for freelancers and local journalists.  

© Alexandros Michailidis 

© Alexandros Michailidis 

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