Justice for Journalists Foundation


Justice for Journalists Foundation (JFJ) is London-based non-governmental organisation for International Investigation of Crimes Against Media. Mikhail Khodorkovsky, founder of Open Russia pro-democracy movement, Amnesty International-recognised prisoner of conscience, and Putin’s most prominent critic, together with his former business partner, philanthropist and member of The Standing Committee of the Free Russia Forum Leonid Nevzlin set up the Foundation in August 2018 as a response to the murder of three Russian journalists in the Central African Republic.

JFJ funds journalistic investigations into violent crimes against media workers and raises risk aw

areness and preparedness among professional and citizen journalists.


JFJ aims include facilitation journalists’ access to the existing resources and adapting those to local specifics. We work to convince news organisations, freelancers and citizen journalists about the importance of safety and help equip them with skills and knowledge to stand up to the challenges of their daily work.

We support: 

  • Investigations into violent crimes against professional and citizen journalists

  • Assessment and minimising professional risks in investigative journalism

  • Advocacy and raising awareness to end impunity

  1. Investigation Grant Programme - https://jfj.fund/qa-on-jfjs-grant-programme/
    Our annual programme provides grants to journalists from around the world for investigations into the violent crimes against media workers. Our generous grants cover the hard costs of getting to the investigative story and reporting it. We believe proper investigations of and publicity around those crimes will help prevent next crimes from happening and end impunity.

  2. Risk prevention and management -
    JFJ Foundation funds tailor-made safety and security trainings, including those for non-English speakers. We are focused on the following areas:
    * Risk mapping and management
    * Threat assessment
    * Digital Security
    * First aid
    * Physical and physiological safety

  3. Raising awareness and facilitating the access to existing resources.
    JFJ Foundation works to widen international media networks, strengthen professional links and raise awareness about the variety of risks facing journalists today. We participate in industry events and host our own seminars on press freedom and journalists’ safety.


Director, Maria Ordzhonikidze

General Information requests: info@jfj.fund