Internews is an organization based in California that foesters Independent media through journalism and production training.


Reporting Atrocities: A Toolbox for Journalists Covering Violent Conflict and Atrocities: uses the principles of conflict-sensitive journalism (CSJ) to teach reporters how to cover even the most senseless acts of cruelty in a way that contributes to peacebuilding.


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- is a free and open-source curriculum guide for media trainers who teach students, professionals and peers digital and online security. Six modules: assessing risks, basic protection, mobile phone safety, keeping data safe, researching securely, and protecting email. (

SafeTag (Security Auditing Framework and Evaluation Template for Advocacy Groups)


- This is a professional audit framework and a self-assessment checklists that adapts traditional penetration testing and risk assessment methodologies to be relevant to small, non-profit organizations. The audit framework also provides a self assessment checklist for system administrators.



- A toolkit that was published in November 2012 to help media workers exercise safer online and mobile practices. The kit is available in English, Spanish and Arabic.