International Media Support (IMS)


The International Media Support (IMS) is a non-profit organisation working with media in countries affected by armed conflict, human insecurity and political transition. IMS helps to strengthen professional practices and ensure that media and media workers can operate under challenging circumstances.



  • Journalismm ethics

  • Local and international media laws and code of conduct

  • Conflict sensitive journalism

  • Learning to make a risk analysis of the media working environment and basic first aid skills

  • Social media (i.e. the use of security alerts via sms) and digital journalism

  • Photo journalism and film

  • These trainings have been conducted in Mali, Niger, Egypt, Myanmar, SriLanka, South Sudan, Burundi, Syria, Ukraine, Belarus, Zimbabwe, Mexico, Columbia, Nepal



  • 24/7 telephone hotlines for journalists

  • Safe houses

  • Safety fund for emergency assistance to journalists and their families

  • Safety equipment

  • Legal advice

  • Trauma counselling

  • Secure communications and ICT security

  • IMS has been setting up safety mechanism in the following countries for LOCAL journalists: Afghanistan (, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Kenya, Iraq, Philippines

  • The IMS-administered Safety Fund provides support for journalists victimised as a direct result of their work



  • Monitoring attacks on media

  • Dialogue between military and media

  • Media law reform

  • Campaigns promoting journalists’ safety

  • Coordinated international support to safety and protection measures

  • Guides and handbooks on the safety of journalists

  • IMS is taking an active role in the implementation of the UN Plan of Action. As a first step, the implementation of the plan takes place in five pilot countries, Iraq, Nepal, Pakistan, South Sudan, and Mexico


Publications of Safety:

  • Handbook: Conflict Sensitive Journalism

  • Handbook: Conflict Sensitive Journalism – Special edition Kenya

  • Nepal: A call to end violence and impunity


IMS’ Safety and Protection Mechanism combines specialist training with practical safety measures and advocacy, and is implemented together with local journalists, professional associations and NGOs, as well as other international media development organizations



For info on the Safety Fund: