GroundTruth Project


The GroundTruth Project is a nonprofit news organization that empowers and supports emerging international journalists and documentary filmmakers to tell the most important stories of their generation. GroundTruth focuses on producing innovative multimedia that enlightens and informs.


The GroundTruth Project offers dozens of reporting fellowships each year focusing on issues of social justice including human rights, freedom of expression, the environment, and global health. GroundTruth provides fellows with the resources and editorial mentorship to cover a meaningful story in an in-depth way for the digital age.

At the core of our work is the idea of "ground truth" which, put simply, means being on the ground to tell the story. In line with our mission of contributing to a culture of safety in journalism, fellows receive journalism security training, insurance, and guidance on thoroughly assessing and understanding potential risks of reporting assignments.

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GroundTruth: A Field Guide for Correspondents shares editorial best practices and reporting guidelines. It includes a thoughtful collection of essays by colleagues on important lessons learned in the field and the ACOS Alliance 'Freelance Journalist Safety Principles',  a new set of standards for the safety of independent journalists reporting around the world, as well as for the news organizations that work with them. These safety standards were codified through a collaborative process with several other leading news organizations and advocacy groups.