Frontline Freelance Register


The Frontline Freelance Register is a representative body for working international freelance journalists who take physical risks in their work.


- Ability to provide representation for freelance voices in these conversations.

- Leading on training standards guidelines.

- Agile on-the-ground view and understanding of how things could be better directed to freelancers.


- Safety Principles and Practices: basic guidelines for freelancers working on dangerous missions, and for news organizations on assigning dangerous missions.


- Forthcoming "Best Practice" set of guidelines.


- Communications Plan: Template at


- Insurances: Personal Accidents, equipment, and medial insurances (Consulting the sections of Rory Pesk Trust and Committee to Protect Journalists)

+ Williamson Carson Insurance Brokers (UK). Example:


- Risk Assessment:

+ Template:

+ Video Tutorial:


- Training:

+ Free First Aid Course

+ Hostile Environment Training: 1st Option High Risk - London UK, W1T 3PH

Tel: 0845 5008484; Email:

+ AKE - Hereford UK; HR1 2PL 

Tel: +44 1432 267111; Email:

+ Global Journalist Security - Washington, DC 20015; USA 

Tel: +1 202 352 1736; Email:

+ Pilgrims Group - Woking, Surrey, GU21 5EU, UK 

Tel: +44 1483 228 778; Email:

Courses can be delivered in the UK and in New York in the US.

+ Remote Trauma - Kingston Upon Thames, KT1 2JW, UK 

Tel: 0844 800 9158; Email:

+ TYR - Hereford HR4 8NU, UK 

Tel: +44 20 3239 5257; Email:

Courses can also be run in the US or Czech Republic.

+ Reporters Without Borders course.

+ These courses are expensive: please consult the Assistance Grant part in the Rory Peck Trust section.

+ More information:,44418.html


- Personal Protective Equipment:

+ Consult the Reporters Without Borders section for information on leasing bulletproof jackets, helmets and personal distress beacons.

+  Discount for FFR members: there's a Vestguard discount for all FFR members (30% off items in the press category).


- Digital Security:

+ Identifying risks and performing an assessment of potential threats:

- Maintain your equipment: Guideline on

- Censorship and VPNs: Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to circumvent online censorship. List of reliable anonymous VPNs -


- Getting Paid

+ Who pays how much:




+ Ensure proper invoice and encourage timely payment:

Template at:

Tips at:

+ Additional grants:


- Planning for Specific Physical Risks:

INSI's ballistic expert:


Risk Assessment

+ For UK student freelancers: obtain a National Union of Journalists Student Press Card by joining the union as a student member, fee: £25 GBP at (New Castle University Risk Assessment Policy Handbook for Student)


- Risk Assessment




- Digital Security


- Planning for Specific Physical Risks:


- Psychological Health: