Foley Foundation


The James W. Foley Legacy Foundation was established in 2014, immediately after the public execution of American freelance journalist James W. Foley.  Jim was murdered by ISIS in Syria after 20 months of starvation, torture and imprisonment for being an American journalist.

JWFLF exists to advocate for:

  • all Americans held hostage abroad and their loved ones

  • research on Western hostage trends and American hostage policy to maximize the efficacy of US hostage policy

  • protection and equity for all freelance conflict journalists through collaboration and funding of ACOS (media org, journalist NGOs and freelance journalists)

  • preventive education on risk assessment and best safety practices for any American interested in work in conflict zones ( i.e. journalists, humanitarian workers, researchers,students)


American hostage advocacy 

Via collaboration between their loved ones, US Hostage Recovery Fusion cell, non-government experts and media

Hostage US

Funded by JWFLF and the Ford Foundation, to serve the families and loved ones of Americans taken hostage abroad

Jim, the James Foley story (available on HBO, Amazon, or by private screening) 

A documentary directed by Brian Oakes, available for use for adult/youth awareness and education of the dangers of work in conflict zones and the silent American hostage crisis

University level safety educational module

For use in all schools of journalism, developed by Northwestern Medill professor Ellen Shearer, RSF and ACOS