Committee to Protect Journalists


The Committee to Protect Journalists is an American independent nonprofit organization that promotes press freedom worldwide and defends the right of journalists to report the news without fear of reprisal.


CPJ’s Journalist Assistance (JA) program helps journalists in distress worldwide through a combination of financial and non-financial assistance. We provide direct support to (1) journalists in need of medical care following brutal assaults in retaliation for their work, or for journalists suffering from mistreatment in prison—this includes psychological support; (2) journalists forced into hiding or to relocate within their countries or to another country to escape threats, attacks or prison; (3) journalists in need of evacuation to temporary safe havens; (4) journalists facing prison who need of legal funds or counsel; and (5) the families of journalists who have been imprisoned or murdered.

CPJ's Journalist Security Guide guide details what journalists need to know in a new and changing world. It is aimed at local and international journalists of varied levels of experience. The guide outlines basic preparedness for new journalists taking on their first assignments around the world, offers refresher information for mid-career journalists returning to the field, and provides advice on complex issues such as digital security and threat assessment for journalists of all experience levels.


CPJ’s JA program provides the following resources to journalists in distress (NB—everyone helped through the JA program must be a working journalists who has been in a situation of distress linked to his/her work within the last 12 months):


- Emergency grants to journalists needing medical, legal, exile support, journalists in jail, and the families of jailed or murdered journalists. We directly distribute on average 80 grants per year. The maximum grant is $7,500 and the average grant is US $1,000. CPJ often seeks matching contributions from other sources if the needs of a case are more substantial. Referrals to legal counsel (including migration specialists) and medical providers (including trauma providers) for pro-bono services.


- Letters of support for journalists forced into exile looking to resettle outside their countries.


- Lobbying of international organizations and/or hosts governments on to help secure refugee or asylum status for journalists.


- Logistical support to journalists when they resettle in exile.


- Placement in safe havens and short-term emergency fellowships around the world. 


- Referrals to additional resources, including information on grants, fellowships, and awards.

Our journalist security guide has been translated into French, Farsi, Somali, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese and Mandarin and includes updated sections on Digital Security.




- Banner Financial Group (+44 (0) 199-386-2119): UK-based, specialize in individual and group insurance for people working/living abroad, including injuries coverage from war and terrorism and death/bodily injuries.


- Bellwood Prestbury: (+44 (0) 124-258-4558/ +44 (0) 124-258-8688): UK-based, specialize in insurance for high-risk professionals working in dangerous areas, including coverage for war and terrorism risk, and kidnap and ransom insurance.


- Crisis Insurance ( +44 (0) 143-226-8301): UK-based, specialize in high-risk policies for dangerous areas/professions, subject to change for individual needs and length of terms.


- Safe Passage International (+1 303-988-9626 +1 800-777-7665): US-based, specialize in travel insurance for both corporate clients and non-profit organizations, and accident insurance for risks posed by war, terrorism, kidnaping, ransom, and extortion, and even death and dismemberment.