2Lives Foundation


2Lives Foundation's mission is to provide both endowed and individual scholarships for journalism and liberal arts students who have the passion and desire to pursue a career in journalism. Their mission is also to eventually establish support and assistance to journalists and their families affected by the realities of reporting from conflict-torn settings.


Advocated for Executive Order: On June 24, 2015, President Obama signed an Executive Order, in the presence of the Sotloffs and other hostage families, for a broad overhaul regarding how it handles U.S. hostages held abroad by groups such as ISIS.


 - Global Safety Principles and Practices: Signed on with Columbia University, along with Reuters and AP, who have begun the Global Safety Principles and Practices, at a meeting at Columbia School of Journalism in New York on September 30, 2015. The group announced unprecedented initiatives to share security information, provide subsidized safety training to freelancers, and more. The 2LIVES/Steven Joel Sotloff Memorial Foundation, ABC News, CBS News, CNN and NBC News were among ten new signatories to the safety principles announced at the meeting.


- Scholarships: Provides scholarships for journalism and liberal arts students who have the passion, skills and desire to follow in Steven’s footsteps and pursue careers in journalism. To date, scholarships have already been set up in Steven's name at Kimball Union Academy in New Hampshire, University of Central Florida, University of Miami, Miami-Dade College and Florida International University.


- Advocacy: Advocates on behalf of how hostages are handled by the government.